In an increasingly digital world, hospitals seek to improve their relationship with the patients in all its aspects, taking the next step with Smart Hospital will lead to an increase of the efficiency, the productivity and the quality of service provided to the patients.

Nowadays, patient satisfaction with care is the key to the success of a hospital. Therefore allowing the user to interact with the Hospital by digital means, will provide him with a better experience.

Where is my appointment? Patients are alerted for their clinical acts

How can I get there? The hospital mobile app can have our navigation system embedded. So the patient can navigate inside the hospital

Clinicians represent a source of productivity of a hospital, so, providing them with computerized, mobile and automatically integrated applications, will save time and increase the efficiency of their work

The Mobile Patient Viewer

Board with automatic updates from the HIS

Managing a hospital is a great challenge, so, tools that can allow a greater control and reporting of what is happening are useful.

With the Smart Hospital product, hospital managers can have real time insight of the location of all their patients are, their status, and have metrics that allow a more efficient management.

Real time patient location on the hospital

Analytics of what has happened

And the possibility of much more

  • Visit Management
  • Security Management
  • Access Control
  • Cleaning staff monitoring

The Smart Hospital Product is fully interoperable with the hospital ecosystem, relying on its own integration engine, it can send and receive information using industry standards