Because Infolau has the technical and banking installation experience you need to make your implementation successful.
All of the Infolau consultants have had significant roles in successful IT and banking projects in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Hungary, United States, Thailand and Vietnam during the last 15 years.
These projects have consisted on the implementation of a number of different software packages, however, a significant proportion of the projects were related to PROFILE/Anyware®.
Human resources are the most critical part of any successful project. They can bring actual banking installation project experience to your implementation team when it is needed most.
If a client accepts a Infolau prepared implementation study proposal, which will lay out the recommended requirements, implementation strategy, resource budget and schedule with project objectives clearly spelled out and agreed upon, Infolau will use its contacts in an effort to provide implementation management.
Infolau actively solicits short and long term assignments, or short term projects with defined objectives, such as technical optimization or tuning projects and short term development. Contact us for a resource or a budget.

Infolau consultants have been through the school of experience. In regards to methodology, we believe the following:

  • With Experience on the Team, Any Basic Methodology will Succeed
  • Without Experience on the Team, No Methodology will Succeed
  • With No Methodology and Some Experience, the Project will Stumble to Conclusion Eventually

Our years of experience points to a successful project as one which begins with the client and installation team jointly having created a clear, focused document, written by one author, which describes and depicts through words and diagrams how the installation will be organized and implemented, when it will be completed and with what resources.
Therefore, Infolau has developed an Experience Based Methodology (EBM) which starts with an initial study which will strive to layout the initial expectations honestly at the beginning of the project in the EBM study.
Many of the same team members participating in the study will also be assigned to the project.

Infolau has specialists and extensive experience in Sanchez Computer Associates Profile/Anyware®.
The team members also have expertise in the Polish and Portuguese banking markets; extensive expertise in Agricultural Cooperative Banking systems (in the US and in Portugal); regulatory reporting and extracts/modifications for meeting national regulatory bank financial and statistical reporting.

Infolau charges based on the size of the implementation study. The rate is negotiated, but will be approximately 1000 USD per man-day, plus out of pocket expenses (travel, hotel, per diem).

After an initial fact finding interview, if Infolau feels it has capacity and staff available to perform the study, the client can expect the following: (the overall study will encompass the services of probably 5-6 different technical/functional specialists):

  • A Infolau Executive Banking Consultant will gain an understanding of the business environment from the organization. This Executive Research will focus on the senior management of the Client organization to understand their expectations and measurement criteria for success or failure of the project. He will also gain knowledge of the requirements from all the key Business Unit Managers and understand the business unit managers' expectations of the implementation.

  • The Executive interviews set the stage for the 2nd Phase, in which Infolau will provide the functional and technical resources which will perform the Functional and Business Unit technical analysis in succeeding phases of the project.

  • In a Third Phase, Infolau hardware and software operating system specialists will conduct interviews with the Bank Information Systems Group to investigate the current environment, conversion requirements and begin an analysis of the possible technical environment scenarios.

  • In a Fourth Phase, Infolau staff speaking the language of the end users, will conduct interviews with a group of non-management end users, to gain more perspective on the users' job functions and how they might be improved or affected.

  • The end results will be distilled, with the participation of the client bank, into a lean, not massive, document, readable in one sitting, that will communicate the "Experience Based" finding of Infolau consultants on how the project should be organized and implemented, with an estimate of resources and duration. It will include technical and functional diagrams explaining the reasons Infolau makes its recommendations.

  • If the documentation if accepted and agreed upon, it can be the basis for much further deeper requirements and specification building analysis in succeeding phases of the project life cycle.