Infolau has qualified specialists who will provide general system and software installation support to clients.
Examples of system and software installation activities which may be provided include:

  • Configuration and management of directories

  • Procedures and control of exports

  • Loading of software releases and version management

  • Perform upgrades to higher versions of PROFILE

Infolau will provide general application support to the client throughout the implementation project.
Examples of general support activities include:

  • Responses to questions and resolution of issues which require research

  • Discussions with groups and individuals to address specific questions and issues

  • Participation in problem solving meetings and other group discussions

Infolau project team members will respond to requests for general support in coordination with client or prime contractor.

Infolau has qualified specialists who will provide technical and operational support related to the client's setup of operations.
Examples of the activities included are the following:

  • PROFILE operations administration and controls

  • Setup and implementation of journaling for security/recovery

  • Creation of scripts for optimizing dayend processing

  • Archiving/Warehousing data for backup efficiency

  • Software/Hardware tuning for performance

Infolau has experienced specialists in the implementation of PROFILE/FMS (General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, Budgeting) in a head office or branch environment. Activities related to a full implementation include:

  • Implementation management

  • FMS Training

  • Conversion from legacy General Ledgers

  • Accounting inter/file transfer development

  • Consulting on chart of accounts

  • PROFILE/Anyware FMS accounting reconciliation

  • System balancing and accounting controls consulting

Infolau has experienced specialists in consulting and development in the area of creation of extracts for Regulatory Reporting, Management Information Systems (MIS) reporting and support in the development of specialized accounting reports.

  • Extracts for PROFILE/FSS (Financial Statistical Report Writer)

  • Formatting of Reports for Regulatory Reporting

  • Cash basis accounting transactions extracts for Regulatory Reporting

  • MIS/Profitability Reporting

Infolau has experienced managers, previously responsible for projects ranging from client solutions to multi-branch implementations.

Infolau has an administrative center in Lisbon, Portugal, staffed by an Administrative Assistant to handle all travel arrangement, office organization, invoicing and time recording for Infolau consultants.

Project Service fees comprise the following types of services rendered during the implementation project:

  • Implementation

  • Project Team Training

  • Custom Development

  • Consultancy

Infolau charges for professional service on an hourly basis based upon the actual time dedicated to a project.
The fee level for contractors is dependent upon their level of experience. Fees average will be negotiated, depending on several factors (length of project, number of project team members, etc..)