Infolau consultants are working at sites across Europe and Asia, linked electronically through the Infolau intranet with documentation stored on Infolau servers located in Portugal.

We provide services and resources in CACHÉ from Intersystems, the post-relational database with a multidimensional data server that offers all the advantages of relational technology without limits to performance of current relational systems.

With more than 2 millions users worldwide, the product offers an advanced data architecture, extremely efficient for the development and consequent access to market applications in the client/server architecture and the Web, on a great scale and with high performance.

Our years of experience points to a successful project as one which begins with the client and installation team jointly having created a clear, focused document, written by one author, which describes and depicts through words and diagrams how the installation will be organized and implemented, when it will be completed and with what resources.

Therefore, Infolau has developed an Experience Based Methodology (EBM) which starts with an initial study which will strive to layout the initial expectations honestly at the beginning of the project in the EBM study.